Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nerf Super Soaker Water Clip Refill - Review!

Add ammo capacity with the Nerf Super Soaker Water Clip Refill!

The Water Clips have a water tank capacity of 300ml and are designed to fit into compatible clip-fed Super Soaker blasters.

These water clips also have a flexible plastic clip on their side which allow them to be attached to belts or straps.

Available at Toys R Us and most major dept stores in Singapore. Retail Price: SGD$7.90.


Nerf Super Soaker Water Clip Refill - Box (Front)

Nerf Super Soaker Water Clip Refill - Box (Back)

Nerf Super Soaker Water Clip Refill - Water Clip System


  1. 1. Their called magazines but Nerf's marketing team is stupid.

    2. Each one can hold about as much water as a tiny drink. Not going to soak someone at all with that thing when they're carrying a CPS blaster that can fire more than twice as much water in a second back at you.

  2. i got this gun for my little girl and it is a good size that fires enough water for children her age (6) the magazines hold enough water for about 10 seconds of shooting and extra mags are great quick to change and quick to fill up, i know bigger guns fire more water and more power but this is a great little gun for fun value

  3. The gun needs to have a larger mag because it cant shoot for more than a couple of seconds. It also needs to be able to shoot farther

  4. im kinda sad that this is the best they can do