Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Nerf Super Soaker Blasters in Singapore!

The 2011 Nerf Super Soaker Blasters are now in Singapore!

Available at Toys R Us and most major dept stores.

For the latest retail prices, click Here.


  1. samyikhong,

    The photo shown in this post was taken at Toys R Us Forum Mall.

  2. Sorry, any idea where i might be able to find the thunderstrom soaker? (: i cant seem to find @forum mall and kiddy palace! (: thanks!

  3. samyikhong,

    Try Metro at Compass Point (Sengkang), some people have spotted Thunderstorm sets there.

    Btw, you can find out all the latest up-to-date store Nerf stock info in Singapore posted up by local enthusiasts at the "Singapore Nerf Stock Alert" thread at the NerfSG forum.

  4. The Hydro Cannon was the only half-decent blaster available this year, which is actually pretty good since nothing decent was available from SS last year. (The HC also looks to be pretty good for modding as well.)

    Everything else is either a low powered battery "pistol", or a cheap trigger-less piston pumper.