Friday, February 4, 2011

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Review!

Quick draw with the Nerf Super Soaker Point Break!

The Point Break uses an on-board pump system to pressurize its water tank. Just pump it up 15-20 times, then simply pull the trigger to fire a constant stream of water.

The in-built N-Strike tactical rail is compatible with Nerf blaster accessories.

This water blaster has a very compact form factor, so its easy to carry and use. Its water tank capacity is 200ml and the average firing range is around 15-16ft.

For internal photos of the Nerf Super Soaker Point Break, click Here.

Available at Toys R Us and most major dept stores in Singapore. Retail Price: SGD$14.90.


Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Box (Front)

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Box (Back)

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Blaster Stats

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Un-Boxed

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Pump Extended

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Water Tank & Cap

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - N-Strike Tactical Rail

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Nerf N-Strike Accessory Compatibility

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Demo & Test Fire Video


  1. Looks like a good sidearm. Slimmer profile mens it won't caught when I put it into my holster, unlike Maverick.

  2. Internals?

    I'd like to see the conversion potential to firing nerf darts.

  3. CaptainYogurt,

    You can check out the "Nerf Super Soaker Point Break - Internals Guide" via this link:

  4. would you recommend this water gun because of its price and size?

  5. ruby,

    Sure, its pricing is quite affordable and its quite easy to use.

  6. hihi... wondering which is more powerful? Nerf Super Soaker Point Break or Thunderstorm.. dunno which to buy..

  7. Eterndreamz,

    Both the Point Break and Thunderstorm fire thin streams of water, but the Point Break needs to be manually pumped up beforehand and the range is lower. It is more compact in size though.

    The Thunderstorm is larger in size, has longer range and is fully motorized, so you don't have to pump it up, just pull the trigger and it'll fire automatically.

  8. lol... i have bought the nerf tornado strike le... nice gun!! will buy the Scatter Blast soon. :)

  9. is it just mine or does the stream shoots slightly to the right for everyone else to?

  10. FL4Z3,

    It should be firing straight. Your particular unit might have a mis-aligned nozzle, so either you could open up the casing and re-align the nozzle or simply just exchange it at the store for a new working unit.

  11. i have now the hyro cannon and as side i want a rifle i want this gun if my guns are empty.

  12. get a thunderstorm they are awesome!!!!!

  13. Wow that room you film in must get WET!!!!


  14. wah, looks nice! is this still selling?